One of the most difficult mysteries in cryptography is knowing what to take seriously.

On Friday, the DeFi Alliance – an incubator and accelerator for decentralized funding – announced a list of 11 new members. Some of them were expected, such as supplier Oracle Chainlink and VC Stalwart Blockchain Capital, but one name stood out: eGirl Capital, a social media threat and a venture capital group inspired by the internet subculture.

The ad sighed sighs from across the industry and rubbed its eyes:

EGirl members like Degen Spartan are known for their compelling analysis of the complex cryptocurrency markets, as they leave nothing but porn animation for several weeks at a time. One of the contributors – arguably one of the best and smartest on CryptoTwitter – has to do with Pokémon social media character in its current form, which has become a couch where people can accidentally sit down. The collection of touchstone meme stones that make up these different comics is too cumbersome to generalize, and perhaps deserves an anthropological examination.

While the group can easily be ignored because the joke went too far (by this criterion, the Tyrannosaurus in Jurassic Park is a pet that is disabled), eGirl has recently been included in some high-profile press releases. … The group participated in a $ 4.9 million round of funding for Alchemix’s decentralized financial protocols, as well as announced investments in Radicle and Unisocks. They will release the first episode of the home podcast series next week.

As for funding, in the question and answer document, this reporter took a quick look at the figure before the committee decided to remove it and not comment, in an attempt to look more “ambiguous”; To be precise, it was incredibly loud.

Their access to the investment arena comes in a period of professionalism and institutional adoption of cryptocurrencies. Hedge funds, which previously rejected cryptocurrencies as fraud, are now setting up trading tables. Assets become so boring that pension funds deposit money in digital currencies.

However, eGirl has made it clear that they are ready (and perhaps very eager) to drop a shiny bomb in the midst of this increasingly tense challenge. According to social development specialist DAO and Pet3rpan:

“The egirl / eboy aesthetic is your good taste for the traditional cultural ideals of the last 10 years, we just do not care that we are not so good.”
Anonymous currency, unknown projects
Traditional VCs provide companies with varying degrees of value along with money. For example, Delphi Digital can actively participate in the development of tokens and protocols. Many offer PR and can attract significant publicity.

So why would anyone work for an organization with the vast majority of anonymous people? Similarly, what do ignorant people think they can bring to the table?

Crypto was founded by an anonymous founder with a powerful alias built into the core of the Bitcoin protocol and everyone who followed it. Eva Beilin, one of the few members and director of The Graph Foundation, said that Bitcoin is also stronger for her. “We have seen this trend reversed as public figures became the face of protocols and projects, and worse, an evolving tracking program has de-identified much of the action taking place in the show. […] while egirl has invested in a wide range of non-projects. Direct and indirect, unknown funds that fund anonymous teams can reverse this trend and restore privacy properties that we all greatly appreciate. “

Source: CoinTelegraph