Drake wastes his time betting over $ 1 million in bitcoin (BTC) on the Super Bowl when he can not handle his problems.

The award-winning rapper recently shared that he placed $ 1.26 million BTC bets on the upcoming Super Bowl match between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Los Angeles Rams.

With the cryptocurrency game platform Stake, the rapper bet over $ 471,000 to win, including overtime. Drake also expressed confidence in Odell Beckham Jr., Rams wide receiver, the musician bet around $ 392,000 on Beckham Jr. anytime.

Drake wrote: “All games are on the family.” Beckham Jr. responded to the message by saying, “It’s time.” This led to a reaction from Bengals fan and football expert Charles James. “Yes, I just confirmed it! I’m a Cincinnati! Terrier for the win. Call a reasonable number.”

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A few months ago, Beckham Jr. left. along with the Cash App and announced that he would earn his NFL salary in BTC, and promised to return $ 1 million in BTC to the fans. Player revenues for the 2021 season are expected to reach $ 4.25 million. However, the sports analyst claims that Beckham Jr. suffered losses due to the recent market crash and high taxes.

Meanwhile, the NFL will offer a limited edition, non-foldable token (NFT) to fans attending the Super Bowl return to Los Angeles on February 13. NFT will celebrate Game Day by introducing a personal digital memorial that has a unique class and class to the participants.

Source: CoinTelegraph