The Bitcoin Magazine YouTube channel has been revived about three hours after it was shut down, with the post attributing the brief ban to the YouTube algorithm, which marked the word “Kazakhstan.”

In a tweet on January 12, Bitcoin Magazine noted that a YouTube account with 56,600 subscribers was banned in the middle of the livestream without any warning from the platform.

“Our 60,000 YouTube subscribers just got BUNK in the middle of a live stream without any warning. Reduced. When will the aggression on #Bitoin content end?”
The live broadcast focused on topics related to Elon Musk, Jack Dorsey, Bitcoin (BTC) mining and the recent internet hack in Kazakhstan, which was allegedly started by the government in response to massive protests against rising fuel prices in the country.

Bitcoin Magazine said it wasn’t entirely sure why YouTube blocked its channel, but confirmed the re-account an hour later, indicating that YouTube realized the error.

In a post-recovery live broadcast, host Alex McShane noted that the group discussed the impact of the internet outage on BTC mining hashrate, without saying anything controversial, but using a set of “algorithmic and politically motivated words” that could lead to auto-completion. . :

“I want to talk about what happened without calling him back […] We talked about a particular politically charged country that begins with the letter ‘K.’
Earlier today, Bitcoin Magazine also published a post noting YouTube’s first reaction to the ban, with the Google-owned platform stating that “content that encourages illegal actions or encourages users to violate YouTube policies is not allowed.”

The response stated: “We can allow images of such works if they are educational or documentary and do not help others imitate them.”

Despite the content policy, current YouTube searches continue to produce results showing more live streams using characters and video content of famous personalities like Michael Sailor of MicroStrategy to promote scary websites and alleged “cryptocurrency proliferation” scams.

Either Michael Sailor is doing a lot of live streaming, or some videos are scary: YouTube
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Commenting on the ban on the r/CryptoCurrency subreddit, the user highlighted the hypocrisy of u/Setl1less, arguing that “Youtube has made it the norm to delete well-known media accounts,” while allowing scams to operate freely.

Source: CoinTelegraph