Unbreakable Tokens (NFTs) may be a distraction from the COVID-19 pandemic, but now they are all angry and a very important element of pop culture. Each NFT exists as a unique asset characterized by a chain of blocks, each of which is rare in quantity and often of high value. While these assets can exist as collectibles that their owners can display, they also serve as a ticket to a fun and exciting community where users can earn real rewards by interacting in an online environment.

The fact is that many people limit their imagination to believing in NFT as an art only when their abilities expand much further. Like Uber, which disrupted the car sharing service, NFTs disrupt the online community as each project offers something different for the industry.

Thus, the goal of owning an NFT is to create a project that works with a mission that resonates with the owner or provides a community that the user says can benefit and benefit. In this way, the NFT owner can get around the hype surrounding the growing number of projects and get the most out of the investment.

Among the new projects available to users today, it is worth highlighting Cool Dogs, which is a programmatically randomly generated 5000 NFT installed on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. Under the guidance of a fully experienced and highly experienced team, Cool Dogs proves that the NFT contract is more than what you see. Cool Dogs Project offers users a fun NFT project where users can get a great profile picture and benefits, including community support, access to contests and many other passive income opportunities. For example, when transporting two or more dogs, carriers may participate in breeding, an event that will occur shortly after the release of the current generation.

Part of the project’s success was due to influencers who discovered Cool Dogs, including Art Chick and Shamdo.

Where cold meets scarcity
Like other NFT sets, some items in the set are rarer and more valuable than others – a factor that depends on how the dog is dressed. Remember that while some ancestors wear a simple shirt and hat, others wear an aquarium, dress like a monkey or wear a tamagotchi as a head, making them all the rarer. As a result, each dog will range from Cool, where 1,300 dogs are available, to Legendary, where users will find only 75 in circulation.

More information about cold dogs here
With the team’s long-term goals in mind, this fun NFT game is looking for more opportunities to engage their community. It includes passive income goals, collaborations with well-known and arguably the most tempting names in the industry, and a new world of memes. While it’s hard to say what it actually looks like, one thing is for sure, according to the team, “The future of Cool Dogs is in the hands of the owners – the future will be decided by the community!”

A world defined by an angel
The project started with a pre-sale announcement on 15 November this year and the launch of the first generation Cool Dogs on 16 November. According to the project’s Twitter, the first version is already sold out, which brings the project to the next. the stage of the road map.

Cool Dogs artists also make short animated videos to keep the community entertained.

They say that dogs are man’s best friends. Does that make cute dogs even cooler BFFs? Either way, NFTs offer an opportunity to brighten up a collector’s day on the Internet or prove to be a great investment opportunity, especially with new generations coming out.

Source: CoinTelegraph