The popular messaging app Discord was forced to abandon its plans to integrate with Ethereum (ETH) -based NFTs after heavy setbacks from a large number of users.

The response began Nov. 9 after Discord founder and CEO Jason Citron tweeted “maybe nothing,” as well as a screenshot of the app’s custom settings page with the ETH logo and the ability to pair digital wallets like MetaMask and Wallet Connect.

Lemon was then bombarded with thousands of comments urging him to abandon plans, and users threatened to cancel his Nitro subscription. Crypto-skeptics claim that NFTs are a Ponzi scheme and are harmful to the environment due to the amount of energy used to extract cryptocurrencies.

While Citron commented that the feature is in “beta” mode, he noted on November 11 that it went into “no release” mode:

“Thank you for all the views. We have no current plans to release this internal concept. We are currently focused on protecting users from spam, scams and scams. Web3 has many good issues, but also many issues that we need to solve in our scale. Continuation follows. ”
While Discord is a popular app among the cryptocurrency community – especially NFT projects using a community-building platform – the console players (among others) who use the platform do not seem to like cryptocurrencies.

The Reddit post on November 9 on the r / discordapp community titled “Please do not support NFT” received almost 6,400 votes.

User CaboSanLukas stated that NFTs are a “scam” and added: “Imagine that you bought a ticket that says you have an X-image. But this ticket is not legally binding in any country. In addition, the value is of NFT based on pure presumption and rarity.At the same time, “Atolin” emphasizes that:

“You burn an acre of the Amazon jungle to get a link to a check for something. You will not receive this item, you will not even receive a receipt, you will receive a link to the receipt. ”
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When we get back to Twitter, Hayden Adams, founder of decentralized exchange Uniswap, said earlier today that Citron’s response was “quite surreal”, but a good reminder of how early Web3 was in the world.

“PoS + L2 will completely solve the IMO’s environmental issues next year, but misunderstandings and concerns will persist much longer,” he said.

Source: CoinTelegraph