Electrocoin has partnered to process cryptocurrency payments with a local oil and gas company in Croatia so that drivers can pay for the entire tank using cryptocurrency.

According to the Croatian news committee Poslovni Dnevnik, people who need fuel for their cars at one of 46 Tifon stations in the country can pay with Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Stellar Lumen (XLM), XRP and EOS. Tifon is integrating PayCek, a cryptocurrency payment platform from Electrocoin, into its existing payment systems to make this possible.

Tifon CFO Anna Lucas said the company expects foreign tourists in Croatia to likely contribute to the development and growth of cryptocurrency payments in the country given their “widespread habits of using this type of payment.” Many countries continue to warn against crossing any borders during the pandemic, but the number of new COVID-19 cases in Croatia has also dropped below 1000 since a peak in mid-December 2020.

Electrocoin founder and director Nikola Skoric said the partnership was “a result of serious companies becoming more aware of the potential of cryptocurrencies.” And explain the payment system in detail:

“If someone charges CHK 400 and wants to pay in cryptocurrency, the moment we inform Tifon via PayCek that the payment has been processed, you will receive CHK 400,” Skoreč said. “They are in danger at any time.”

“When bitcoin was created ten years ago, it was intended to be used as a payment. […] When it comes to investments, it is mainly about cryptocurrencies, but on the other hand, such partnerships appear with Tifon and many of them in the coming months. In Croatia, cryptocurrencies are gradually returning to their original idea of ​​using them for payment transactions. ”
Although Lokas said that cryptocurrency payments are “still in their infancy in Croatia,” the country has taken a leading position in certain areas of the ecosystem. Two years ago, a similar program was tested between Croatian Post and Electrocoin, allowing residents to exchange cryptocurrencies at three Zadar post offices. In addition, last year Telos announced that it would be celebrating a $ 35 million Croatian property with sea views.

Source: CoinTelegraph