Soon after Meta, formerly known as Facebook, officially retired, some of the key people in the project became increasingly open about the unregulated nature of Bitcoins (BTC).

David Marcus, co-founder of Diem, originally known as Libra, tweeted on Tuesday to predict that Bitcoin will become the No. 1 asset over the next two decades.

“It has become clear to me that Bitcoin will be the only asset, and L1 will continue to exist more than 20 years from now with increasing urgency over time,” Marcus wrote, adding that BTC is “really leadershipless” and “censorship resistant.”

“It is fundamentally unique and can never be replicated,” he added.

Marcus also said that the second largest cryptocurrency is “undefined” so far and will be linked to another use case. He noted that Ethereum (ETH) is “a pioneer at the moment,” but that other cryptocurrencies such as Solana (SOL) are “stepping up their heels.”

Marcus is the former head of Meta, Novi’s crypto and fintech division, who resigned at the end of 2021. He co-founded Diem stablecoin with Morgan Bellaire and Kevin Weil.

Despite his hard work on the Meta Stablecoin, Markus was a known fan of Bitcoin. According to some industry watchers, Marcus is “one of the first Silicon Valley CEOs to embrace and support Bitcoin.” In 2019, Marcus said he is a “big fan of bitcoin,” calling it “digital gold.”

Marcus is not the only Facebook boss who is a fan of bitcoin. Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg hinted at being a bitcoin bull in May 2021 by naming his pet goats Max and Bitcoin.

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Marcus’ latest comments came shortly after Meta announced that it was shutting down its Diem cryptocurrency project after launching its stablecoin project in 2019.

Some prominent Bitcoin bulls, such as Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, later claimed that Diem was a waste of time and energy, asserting that the tech giant should have focused on Bitcoin instead.

Source: CoinTelegraph