The dHEDGE decentralized governance platform has launched a token index that tracks top traders.

An ERC-20 token for the future robotic market maker DEX index will also be issued.

DHEDGE allows fund managers to launch effectively managed investment pools based on the synthetic assets that Synthetix provides.

Apollo Capital’s chief investment officer and co-founder of DHEDGE, told Cointelegraph Henrik Anderson.

The new pool, called “dTOP,” will balance funds between the 10 largest fund managers on the platform each month. The fine will also cover gas charges incurred in the event of rebalancing, and the dHEDGE DAO pays for the gas.

The dHEDGE scores are evaluated by hundreds of cluster leaders using Sortino Labs. The risk-adjusted index rates results in the aggregate based on volume and risk profile, taking into account historical fluctuations up and down.

“We’re looking for a risk-adjusted target – we think it’s very important that you don’t just look at performance,” Anderson said.

DHEDGE DAO allocated $ 50,000 to fill the dTOP pool, and Anderson expects the organization to invest more in the index in the future. The aggregator has a 10% commission, which is distributed among the top asset managers for the month based on their weight in the index.

Since dHEDGE repudiated it in July 2020, it has raised $ 30 million from TVL and has contributed more than $ 400 million.

Anderson indicated that more indicators will be launched on dHEDGE in the future, noting that the project is currently exploring optimism to expand from one level to another.

“The team is keen to continue providing value and expanding the capabilities of the protocol,” he said.

Source: CoinTelegraph