On September 30, DFINITY announced the final pre-launch of the network later this year. Called Sodium, this release is a “full-fledged” version of the web. The company also revealed details about its control system called Network Nervous System, or NNS.

NNS will use a special token called ICP to facilitate computer operations on the Internet. At launch, there will be 469,213,710 ICP tokens – the number is determined by the number of tokens previously issued through pre-sales and other distribution rounds.

While the latest NNS fundraiser has offered ICP tokens at a rate of around $ 4.50, the asset’s futures price is currently above $ 17. If this default is correct, it will give the token a market value of around $ 8 billion dollars . at launch. … The high price tag would be enough to make it to the top 5 on CoinMarketCap.

However, Williams was not attracted to these statistics and told the Cointelegraph:

“… We focus on technology to ensure a successful computer with internet access, enormous positive impact and benefits that it will bring to the world, so that you do not pay much attention […] We believe it in the long run, on the currently how markets, especially cryptocurrency markets, are indicators. Very unstable and short term. ”

NNS is an algorithmic control system that allows ICP holders to lock tokens inside it to create “neurons”. They give the right to vote on proposals that affect the operation of the network. It also gives members bonuses in the form of extra ICP codes.

Autonomous data centers running private node devices that support DFINITY Internet computers are also rewarded with ICP tokens.

DFINITY Chief Scientist and Founder Dominic Williams said of the launch:

“This is a technical solution to the system problems created by large technologies with their Internet monopoly […] NNS is the catalyst for the open Internet that we promised in the 1990s, and it will ensure that the future of the Internet remains open and free.”

DFINITY Internet Computer is committed to providing a truly decentralized alternative to playing and hosting content using major technology services. Instead, users interact directly with the immutable blockchain code.

Source: CoinTelegraph