Developers are competing to offer ZCash privacy functionality to Bitcoin Series. To do this, they use Drivechain technology, created by decentralized forecast market leader Paul Storz. As an added incentive, Sztorc has announced a prize pool of 6.1 Bitcoin (BTC). This bonus will drop slightly if it is not required by midnight EST on May 1st.

Drivechain adds altcoin function to BTC
Drivechain is an app that lets you create bitcoin side chains with true two-way linking. This will allow Bitcoin holders to move their coins to whatever side chain they choose. This could allow users to take advantage of features and features not found in the main series of bitcoin blocks.

It could be an additional chain with big blocks and low commissions, smart contracts, or even advanced privacy features on alternative currencies, like ZCash (ZEC). Zcash functionality provides the perfect complement to Bitcoin's transparency and auditing capabilities.

Bitcoin coin, which is transferred to the side chain, is held by mining until it returns. No outside monitors can prove that the owner is taking advantage of ZCash's privacy technology.

Motivated by cold and hard bitcoin.
Sztorc introduced a Drivechain prototype and invited developers to make a “code transplant” from ZCash. This will make Altcoin a side chain. Since both codes are Bitcoin, most of the source code actually overlaps, which means much less work.

The sum of the prizes is to encourage developers to research their Drivechain technology and create conceptual guides for more tests. The thesis was determined on April 20, and at the time of publication no one has claimed the prize. Will work until Bitcoin is released on May 12.

If any bidder succeeds, this may pave the way for various variants of BTC that can take the properties of blockchain assets. If this happens, it can make all altcoins obsolete.

Source: CoinTelegraph