With today’s technological and medical developments, quality and affordable health care should be a basic human right: health care for everyone, regardless of socioeconomic level or geographic location.

In 2018, global healthcare totaled $ 8.45 trillion and continues to grow. With the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic, medicine is known to be moving online and becoming digital. But how does this relate to the decentralized economy? The decentralized financial community is growing rapidly, but still in its infancy today, with an emphasis on breeding processes.

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The DeFi hypothesis has been thoroughly analyzed, and when used correctly in healthcare, it represents a huge market potential. A very interesting opportunity arises if DeFi’s core principles – community-driven, community-funded, transparency, and elimination of mediators – are applied to healthcare services.

For example, the market segment for financing and leasing medical equipment for patients and professionals is more than $ 450 billion annually, and there is no central financial solution or a simple, affordable, and global DeFi solution. No one offers a universal solution to this problem. No banks, insurance companies, no government agencies – no. One thing is clear: there is a real need, real hunger and massive growth potential driven by the COVID-19 pandemic and changing the healthcare landscape and its intersection with DeFi.

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By working closely with the medical community on projects such as the Global Telehealth Exchange and the Diabetes Care Network, we have learned that there is a greater and more urgent need for patient follow-up around the world. This creates a real opportunity to offer a simple, fast, much-needed solution to financing medical surveillance equipment available worldwide for both clinicians and patients.

But the possibilities do not end there. DeFi will benefit greatly not only from medical device financing. The health market is huge – amazingly large. Here are some examples of the healthcare market segments and costs where DeFi can be used.

Today, the DeFi market is estimated to be worth approximately $ 8.9 billion. But when it comes to healthcare, it is no exaggeration to say that it can grow exponentially to trillions! The cost of professional equipment alone and the home appliance financing market is more than 50 times higher. There is a real need for DeFi for Healthcare, which will be a community driven, community funded, highly scalable and globally beneficial solution.

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Way forward
Going forward, DeFi needs to be managed and used in the healthcare system to be scalable, sustainable, managed and funded by the community. Achieving this will require a governance structure, configuration, codes, complexes, and financing for health products and customers. It will then be handed over to the community to expand, grow, expand and benefit.

This would serve as a model that would work with real doctors and patients, and could trigger many of DeFi’s other healthcare projects. The goal is to create a DeFi standard of healthcare that can be made globally and serve immediate opportunities, but that can be expanded to take advantage of other opportunities.

DeFi will certainly help improve the health of more people and remove barriers to quality care for everyone, anywhere in the world. DeFi Healthcare is now and we can take advantage of this opportunity.

Source: CoinTelegraph