DeFi says its decentralized approach to leveraged trading offers decisive advantages over central competitors. claims to offer real-time pricing and ultra-fast transactions, and boasts a five-node on-chain network that delivers up-to-date information from seven reliable data sources with aggregation of results through double call to middleman.

This approach gave users an important advantage in the recent period of volatility that shook the cryptocurrency markets when the value of Bitcoin and Ether plummeted in a matter of hours. claims that the platform was one of the few protocols that offered accurate pricing for everything – however, one decentralized competitor named ETH at $ 900 … despite reaching only $ 2,174.04. Some of the central platforms fell, which meant that traders could not control their positions.

Chainlink and Polygon integration is unique
The project’s developers claim to offer the most advanced online Chainlink integration ever. The platform does not use the standard feeds for this oracle provider because they are updated only once per hour and prices are based on them in real time. also got a team one-two solution, which means it takes a few seconds to open and close deals on average – with gas fees typically at $ 0.001. Given how transaction costs continue to cast a shadow over the DeFi sector, this helps provide a usability that many other platforms cannot match. Moreover, each user can access real-time statistics of trading indicators right through the site.

The functions of the ecosystem can be opened using NFT. There are five types in total – from bronze, silver and gold to platinum and diamonds. Each of them offers a greater level of influence on the exchange’s decentralized trading platform, from 25 times to industry leader 150 times. also claims that commissions are lower than many competitors in the market due to the fact that it charges 1% on the collateral prepared for trading rather than the full amount – a stark contrast to the other operators in this room.

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Since the platform is experimental, the developers also emphasize that security is a top priority. As a result, smart contracts were verified by CertiK four times. Overall, it received an 88/100 security rating from this independent resource, which is comparable to peers such as Aave and Tether.

Ambitious plans regularly updates the roadmap that shows the ecosystem’s mid-term plan. Upcoming features include allowing users to choose a price and rolling tolerance – meaning that if prices end up changing a lot, no deals will open. Stop loss, take profit and long / short buy orders will also be offered.

The ecosystem also has the flexibility to list certain assets as long as there are enough APIs to get prices, which creates opportunities for new cryptocurrencies that may be supported in the future. says the goal is to support more coins in the coming months – along with major currency pairs, commodities and some of the largest equities in the US markets.

Overall, the goal is simple: to become the largest and most widely used DeFi ecosystem in the industry. GFARM2 tokens are the heart of this platform, providing an interesting turnaround for tokens. New tokens are created when someone wins a trade and burned when they lose. Overall, the project expects that this will lead to a long-term reduction in GFARM2.

As always, due to the unpredictability of the market and the risks associated with leveraging, emphasizes that users should never risk more than they can afford to lose.

Source: CoinTelegraph