The social gathering platform, inspired by Reddit, announced the expansion of the Telos network on September 3.

The first project to emerge from the new collaboration will be a decentralized identification system that allows users to register their accounts and contacts from Twitter and other social networks on the blockchain in the event of blockchain or exclusion.

In the age of social media, users spend years developing networks and subscribers across different platforms, although this work can be disrupted by arbitrary decisions made by networks sometimes. solves this problem by allowing users to switch between platforms without losing valuable data and connections. Douglas Horn, Chief Architect at Telo, explained the problem:

“In a few days it seems that I’m seeing another unique Talk-de-Platform, and the connections they invested years in creating like a cheap blanket, especially in the crypto community. allows people to protect their social networks from the whims of Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. ”

As Cointelegraph reported, YouTube has arbitrarily blocked (and then repurposed) a number of cryptocurrency-related channels in recent months. In May, the platform halted dedicated live broadcasts.

In addition to digital identity management, Telos will offer with advanced management options and Ethereum VMs that can run Ethereum-compatible smart contracts without transaction fees.

Source: CoinTelegraph