With new technologies becoming available to an increasing number of end users, our world is becoming more interconnected. But with the spread of these technologies, the prevalence of large-scale technologies is also increasing.

Many of these companies now possess vast amounts of personal user data – information that includes a user’s location and activity on third-party websites, and even the content of users’ emails – which is surprising to those who live in a liberal democracy where notions of freedom and social responsibility are built On the expectation of confidentiality in their private communications.

As a result, your personal information may be more of a source of income than the one specified. Data tracking and the potential for censorship of individual users raise serious questions about the ground rules in our society.

With the growing awareness that companies cannot protect user data and other uses of their data, people are starting to let go of feeling like sheep being skinned when they work and live. in the digital age.

Strong old beliefs about personal sovereignty and the integrity of the private sphere must be respected, whereby individuals, consumers, innovators, thinkers, and all other members of society have the right to remain anonymous free and unfettered if they choose to.

In a world where interconnection greatly increases the likelihood of meeting an attacker, this anonymity is critical not only to protect rights and freedoms, but also to secure transactions in the digital economy.

The lack of personal sovereignty over data has led to a drastic shift in power from the individual to the companies that have the right to use this information to their advantage, often different from the person who owns the information. …they are using.

The solution to these problems is the MASQ network, a decentralized mesh network built to support a free and open Internet. The network combines the functionality of a virtual private network that keeps browsing your data privately, rerouting your internet connection through Tor-like technology and using free, open-source software that enables connectivity. The result is the next generation of privacy software that uses blockchain technology in a groundbreaking desktop application.

The MASQ Network platform is based on Ethereum (ETH) and allows users to connect to nodes around the world, regardless of location. By participating in a secure network that is resistant to external manipulation, users contribute to an unregulated global future by receiving cryptocurrency rewards for their support.

Kauri Hiro, Project Director and Co-Founder, describes the project as follows:

The MASQ Network is an important project against widespread censorship in today’s society. This means sharing the freedom of the most unrestricted Internet users with those who are subject to the greatest amount of Internet censorship. ”

positive development
When MASQ runs, each user becomes a “node” that connects to other nodes on the network. These connections are securely established during encryption and are maintained without revealing personal information over the network.

The team released their GEMINI software on the Polygon Network (MATIC), which provides users with many benefits, including significantly lower gas costs, fast transaction times of up to 7,000 transactions per second, and the value of securing the Ethereum consensus model.

The team currently reports that GEMINI v0.2 has reached 92%. Current project dependencies include ongoing code review, support for Polygon integration, and a strengthening of the Blockchain Bridge accounting module.

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As a community initiative, the project is looking for opportunities to bring back this support system. This includes enabling users to earn cryptocurrency included in the user’s MASQ Ethereum wallet while sharing bandwidth across the mesh network, and the ability for users to participate in the network’s liquidity pool to earn rewards for betting.

These rewards, also known as Aludel reward programs, are available on the Alchemist Crucible page. Due to positive trends in participation, the Gemini Aludel group has been expanded through December 31, giving users the right to vote for management and high APY bonuses, which are more than one-way subscriptions.

Despite this positive development, the project went unnoticed because it is a social initiative that does not rely on venture capital or ICOs.

To achieve more freedom
The MASQ network does not end there. The team has a Web 3.0-based feature set coming soon

Source: CoinTelegraph