Ethereum (ETH) has become the foundation for decentralized applications (DApps), smart contracts, and an improved foundation for investment, funding, and Internet of Things (IoT) services, among other centralized offerings.

However, technology is advancing exponentially, making the need for computing resources more visible than ever. However, these resources are as difficult to obtain as any other commodity. Application developers or dataset providers, for example, may not want to lose or disclose ownership of their assets. To overcome this limitation, they must rely on a network that solves ownership and trust issues.

An attempt to define the next step for data processing resources is iExec, a protocol that builds a decentralized and privacy-preserving data infrastructure that allows you to control your personal information, deciding who has access to it, when and under what circumstances. With iExec Marketplace, resource providers can monetize the use of assets and get paid every time someone uses them, while maintaining the ownership and privacy of those assets.

With iExec, users can securely exchange decentralized computing power, datasets, servers, and DApps using a private computing blockchain. As a decentralized marketplace, a smart contract can act as a repository to facilitate the transactions of computer resources. As a result, anyone can participate and be rewarded through the company’s RLC tokens.

Other benefits include data providers who can expand potential market size by integrating with iExec Marketplace and server providers to monetize underutilized resources for additional revenue.

To support the growing community, the team announced the launch of the iExec Portal, an interface designed for the community.

community involvement
Through the portal, the project team aims to engage people in community-related activities through voting. By submitting suggestions to the iExec team, users can now influence community decisions. These votes may include coordinating an upcoming AMA session, distributing rewards, or determining future portal features.

In practice, iExec will regularly submit community suggestions through the Snapshot platform. All RLC holders who have at least 1 RLC will be able to vote after applying. However, votes will also be weighted based on the number of tokens the user has.

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The iExec team would also like to thank the community for their support by launching the Community Rewards Program. Every month, the most active members of the community are recognized and rewarded for their contributions – from content creation to user feedback – with an RLC reward.

Connecting the portal interface to the rest of the iExec ecosystem is what the team calls an “open door” to manage the rest of the iExec resources. The iExec Portal will provide a simple overview of the RLC holder’s wallet balance with detailed information on the price of the token and educational resources on how to use the tokens.

Users can also access iExec products and applications from this control panel, including iExec Oracle Factory, the iExec Developer Rewards Program, and NFT POAP. The only requirement is a MetaMask or Portis wallet.

“With the iExec portal, we want to offer an open door where everyone can join and benefit from our ecosystem. “The iExec portal will be a place to listen to, learn about and reward our community for their contributions, and help them get the most out of their RLC tokens,” says Nelly Cornejo, Certification Manager for iExec.

brick foundation laying
Over the past year, iExec has made significant progress towards this goal, including the launch of the project’s first product in October 2021. Release of iExec Oracle Factory as an Oracle Developer UI, reducing the process to less than five minutes using a URL and an API. key Does not require knowledge of the blockchain. Moreover, in May 2021, the iExec token was listed on Coinbase, allowing the US market to purchase the token. Coinbase is now joining 40 other exchanges, including Binance, Bithumb, and Huobi.

As we prepare for the next building block, iExec remains focused on integrating its community more closely into project development through bounty programs. Through continuous efforts, the company positions itself as a gateway to new levels of collaboration where the rest of the world can benefit from computing resources.

Source: CoinTelegraph