Decentralized trading platforms are becoming more and more popular, but have failed to provide a perfect experience for traders. These platforms often charge high fees for leveraged trades, are subject to fraud and often do not provide the actual price of cryptocurrencies. Instead, on leveraged trading platforms, users invest in derivatives on a real asset.

gTrade, developed by Gains Network, is a decentralized leveraged trading platform designed to meet the challenges of traditional leveraged trading platforms.

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gTrade is a decentralized and leveraged trading platform that allows users to speculate on the actual spot price of listed assets as opposed to competitors who use perpetual contracts to set a different price.

The platform uses a custom Oracle Chainlink (LINK) to obtain prices on seven cryptocurrency exchanges and sets the price at the average of these seven. Through this process, the platform can safely offer the actual spot price. Investors can then invest in the actual price of the asset by using leverage instead of the derivative contract price.

By obtaining accurate prices from multiple exchanges, gTrade avoids common problems faced by other individual platforms, such as potential price manipulation and fraud – a misleading trading method where users trade at a price that is significantly outside the average trading range. In this case, the trader activates various stop-loss orders, which in turn manipulate the price of the asset in one way or another.

Powered by GNS
The GNS platform tool supports most user interactions on the Gains network. When it comes to geared trading, most platforms are geared. But instead, winnings are burned and tokens are consumed when trades are opened, simulating profits and losses as needed.

By modeling mortgaged funds, gains can offer their services with low trading fees. Existing commissions are channeled into the liquidity providers’ earnings, which provides extra liquidity over time. Thanks to these users, Gains owns any network in the first place, so it only makes sense to reward liquidity providers for their offers.

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All liquidity is in the GNS / DAI liquidity pool, where GNS acts as a synthetic of all tokens on the platform. While GNS is burned or coined to open trades, the platform hosts DAI in the trading vault to pay for closed trades. Then the trading robots automatically replenish the lost DAI by slowly chasing and selling GNS over time. In general, these approaches create long-term deflationary pressures on the GNS supply.

“We believe we have solved the problem of decentralized gear trading, as Uniswap has done for decentralized spot trading,” says the team behind Gains Network. “Our capital efficiency is about 100 times greater than any centralized or decentralized competitor. We do not require any financing fees, we already support ten currency pairs and 37 cryptocurrencies (more than any decentralized platform), while allowing users to keep their money in full. ”

Since its inception, gTrade has earned an average of more than 100 users with an average daily trading volume of $ 20 million. The team plans to integrate other options such as stocks, commodities and indices, while collaborating on similar projects to increase supply.

Source: CoinTelegraph