Popular day trader and founder of Barstool Sports Dave Portnoy, in an interview with digital broadcaster Anthony Pomplano, said he bought $ 1.25 million in bitcoin, although he believes it is “just a big Ponzi scheme.” Tailor summarized his views on cryptocurrency trading as follows:

“Come in and you won’t be carrying the bag.”
Sports and pop culture celebrities whose daily business ventures have become popular during the coronavirus pandemic have recently taken to the cryptocurrency world. He entered the Bitcoin (BTC) market in mid-August after meeting his billionaire twin Winklevoss.

Tailor said that within 15 minutes of seeing the response to his Twitter posts about Bitcoin, he learned that he had to get into cryptocurrencies because “they are like my people.”

At one point, Portnoy stated that he has $ 1.25 million in BTC. However, after just eight days of his cryptocurrency experience, his investment in Chainlink was a big hit, and at the time, Portnoy stated, “I’m running out of cryptocurrencies because coins don’t always go up.”

After leaving, Portnoy seemed to leave, stating that his “heart is cryptocurrency” and he would return.

However, Tailor appeared to be shaken by the experience. The price fluctuations in the $ 1 million cryptocurrency portfolio were irregular and he thought there was a lot of money to play with when he didn’t know what was going on. “There is no logical reason for it to go up, and I have no idea why it is high or low,” he explained.

Despite leaving, he still intends to eventually return to Bitcoin. I’ll get back to Bitcoin. He said, “I don’t know when. I really don’t have much money – everything has been invested. ”

Pomplano advised Portnoy that when he did, instead of trading, he should have Bitcoin by the end of next year:

“You cannot look at it because you have weak hands. You want to sell it. “

Source: CoinTelegraph