In a move that could signal that a major network launch is about to happen, he launched Flow – blockchain from Cryptokitties and developers of NBA Topshot Dapper Labs – Flow Port: a tool for token holders to manage, bet, and delegate crypto assets to Flow. …

The announcement focused on how users would host their FLOW tokens through custody providers such as Kraken and Coinlist, and delegate the tokens to existing operators of existing nodes. However, those wishing to use their own node may face a lengthy verification process, but the announcement indicates that there is a long queue that “will be processed on an ongoing basis”.

The announcement includes special support from cryptocurrency wallet giant Ledger, which will provide FLOW token holders with exclusive access to Flow Port via device wallets. Blocto, the startup wallet provider, will provide access as well as an inter-network mechanism for transferring stablecoins USDT.

In a statement to Cointelegraph, Dapper Labs CEO Roham Garegozlaw noted that the portal opens a wide range of opportunities for token holders looking to join the network.

“Flow Port allows anyone to create and manage unguarded Flow accounts from any number of vendors, from Ledger hardware wallets to Blocto software wallets.” He said. Or delegate to one of the existing 300 contracts that will be launched upon initiation of betting, including one managed by major partners such as Samsung, Ubisoft and T-Systems. ”

The launch of the a-chain team was anticipated by many, and Dapper had been preparing for months on several fronts.

Preparations include a massive fundraising campaign from hedge funds and NBA players, a recent Dutch auction in which the price quadrupled as a result of the combined sale of FLOW, and an integration with Binance’s stable coin, BUSD.

The old business saying goes, “Buy the rumors, sell the news,” but perhaps in Flow, there might be an exception ready to exit the portal with a solid launch.

Source: CoinTelegraph