In a world of digital finance, where the preferred weapon for theft is a computer instead of semi-automatic firearms, tracking down fraud from around the world becomes an almost impossible task for a central police force.

However, in an interview with Cointelegraph, the anonymous webmaster shares his thoughts on how he tracked down a group of decentralized financial (DeFi) scammers responsible for the $ 25 million StableMagnet robbery, in coordination with the police, and eventually returned the stolen funds. Back to investors.

StableMagnet has attracted unsuspecting investors with an excuse for a high return on stablecoin deposits. In a typical carpet move, StableMagnet managed to get away with $ 25 million made by over 1000 users.

Just before the investigation began, the Internet Sentinel (unidentified) checked the code to make sure the project was legitimate before investing their money. However, he missed a number of Twitter messages warning him of potential vulnerabilities and vulnerabilities in the system.

Avenger – an active ethical hacker – takes everything personally, sets out to hunt down the crooks and restore justice to investors. He told the Cointelegraph:

“I felt it was the only opportunity in my life to make a very meaningful impact in a situation where most people do not have the time and joy to do that kind of thing.”
From tracking down a GitHub account to identifying all family members to scammers through social media accounts, our survey revealed a group of Chinese locals from Hong Kong.

Finally, an anonymous guard traces the thugs’ journey to Manchester’s Chinatown – a temporary move until the commotion subsides:

I did not want them to go to jail. I do not like when central forces invade the decentralized world as much as possible. ”
He took matters into his own hands, booked a return flight to Manchester, and called local police, citing tight deadlines before the scammers moved elsewhere. To the guard’s astonishment, Greater Manchester Police responded quickly and arrested several fraudsters.

Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Friday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck.

Source: CoinTelegraph