Multiblockchain claims to offer a unique combination of decentralized financing and non-perishable tokens, or NFTs, which means benefits for players, developers, sellers and veterans of the cryptocurrency.

The Blockchain Cuties Universe team claims that traditional games pose many challenges. Players never own the goods they buy, and these assets are often not compatible with other games.

While blockchain technology helps reduce some of these pain points, the team argues that there are still challenges. The complicated setup process can compensate for beginners who buy cryptocurrency for the first time, transactions can be slow and expensive, and there is actually no game to win component.

The Blockchain Cuties Universe aims to usher in a new era of gaming by releasing the first control token that underlies a diverse ecosystem. The project infrastructure simplifies the registration process over five blockchains, enables fast and cheap completion of transactions and improves the management process.

It is hoped that this feedback-based approach will help create synergies between all stakeholders, including players and decentralized participants from independent organizations, liquidity providers and game creators. In addition to being a means of payment, BCUG functions as an input tool that produces derived tokens and as an agricultural instrument.

Give a voice to everyone
According to the Blockchain Cuties Universe, this innovation will continue to invest in this groundbreaking game that was far ahead of the curve when it was launched in April 2018. Furthermore, players will be able to use BCUG tokens to participate in sounds and make a significant contribution to the future direction of the game. The project is proud to be one of the few games that survive the harsh winter with crypto, along with games like CryptoKitties and Axie Infinity.

More than 1700 people participated in the first BCUG DEX in Polkastarter. According to the project, tokens were sold out in seven minutes.

At the moment, the mechanics of the DeFi and NFT project are still in development – and it is expected that the first elements of the game will appear in a few weeks. Basically, payments in the game will come, followed by cash mining and farming. DAO will then be gradually released in three phases until the end of the year.


Distinguish from others
With over a year of game content in the Blockchain Cuties universe, the developers say that players involved in this exciting project have something to look forward to. The platform claims that Cuties are among the most customizable NFTs on the market, with millions of potential combinations in terms of body parts and colors between eight different types. There are also over 970 unique items available in the game.

Furthermore, any character or person can be turned into a Blockchain Cutie – and players have the option to order their own playable characters based on their actual appearance.

No game is complete without a passionate and committed society. Blockchain Cuties Universe hopes that with the arrival of BCUG, the business will develop in accordance with the users’ wishes and that the management system will be part of the main game in the future.

Source: CoinTelegraph