The cryptocurrency industry is expected to grow in the future. Anyone can see evidence of this in the value of all cryptocurrencies in circulation, which had already crossed $1 trillion by the beginning of 2021, with no sign of abating. Although the market itself has experienced some deflation, the lowest periods of deflation show gains compared to prices in previous years. Industry analysts speculate that this is in part because the technology itself has the potential to transform the entire financial industry, and this event will not go away overnight.

For investors, the difficulty of investing in this high potential market misses opportunities. As investors are rushing to diversify their portfolios to include cryptocurrencies, they often overlook the infrastructure that supports them, and cryptocurrency miners are an important part. In many ways, diversifying the portfolio to include these companies provides a partial solution to the volatility common when investing solely in digital assets, and provides more opportunities for new investors to enter the market.

The platform that allows users to dive into the cryptocurrency pool is BlueSky Digital Assets (BSDA) BTCWF-OTCMARKETS BTC-CSE. BSDA is a listed cryptocurrency company. The team is building a high-value cryptocurrency company that mines Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) and develops value-added technology services for the cryptocurrency market. As a result, the team shares: “We don’t start with a single game, but we start with a business approach applied to diversification in a space dominated by technology.”

To date, the team has reported initial success breaking the company’s records of 1,044,000 CDNs recovered in the third quarter, along with announcements of increased capacity at their facilities, commitment to green digital mining and inclusion of common stock in the CSE Composite Index.

It all comes down to positioning
As blockchain continues to expand in use and distribution, the team is increasing its investment in developing IP for digital mining and other support applications – an effort made possible only by a strategic direction based on four key differences. Among them are their long-standing relationships, research and development activities, sustainable initiatives and large reserves.

By looking at these features in more detail, the BSDA team maintains many long-term relationships with its major suppliers. This has, in part, given the company a unique advantage that allows it to implement its strategy in an efficient manner. They also purchased several mining equipments that are already in full production and have proven to be more efficient in the mining industry. As of October 2021, the company reported mining revenue of C$12,667.04 per day, up from $2.2000 in July 2020.

Additionally, the team also focused on research and development to create additional revenue streams separate from the company’s core revenue from mining. More diversification in the company is supposed to contribute to the company’s valuation beyond just a growing mining business. For these reasons, investors are encouraged to consider this as an appropriate time to consider BSDA as an investment with significant upside potential.

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Although mining has traditionally had a reputation for being environmentally friendly, the team is committed to using only renewable energy sources. This currently includes 100% hydropower, which is way plentiful and uses existing infrastructure that has been in use for several years. Pollution is eliminated in this way because even in the case of heat generation, it is subsequently used by the respective industries in the group’s main mine.

In addition to mining and sales, the team holds a significant portion of the cryptocurrency in reserves (valued at $2.4 million as of October 2021). As strategic investors, the equity team is committed to selling only within a reasonable time, with an emphasis on returning value to our shareholders and investors.

More than just digital mining
BSDA is said to be more than just a digital mining company. This is a company that understands the major changes that blockchain is driving to the way users behave as a global audience. Their development of blockchain-focused initiatives will help support additional businesses that plan to understand and exploit the technology’s full potential.

Source: CoinTelegraph