The student claimed to have accidentally found HODLed private keys from 2011 that would unlock over $ 4 million in Bitcoin.

According to the common BitcoinHolderThankU account, a Reddit user was able to pay out almost $ 4.2 million in Bitcoin (BTC) after discovering the lost keys to 127 BTC on December 22, when the cryptocurrency was priced at $ 23,000. They later roll coins in the middle of a bull run.

“I spent the next week figuring out how to liquidate so many bitcoins safely and at the cheapest possible price,” Redditor said. I went back and forth between [large OTC offices] and ended up selling all 127 bitcoins at $ 33,439.02 per coin minus 0.15% commission. The equity capital was almost $ 4.24 million. ”

They claim to have earned bitcoins in 2011 or 2012 through “polling, watching videos, and completing random missions” in order to eventually use the coins to buy coins in DarkOrbit’s online games. Apparently, the private keys did not disappear, they were forgotten on an old Dell computer when BitcoinHolderThankU did not buy the coin.

Unfortunately, if Redditor’s report is to be believed, they lost a million dollars in extra profit without keeping them for a few more weeks. Since December, the bitcoin price has surpassed $ 41,000 and hit an all-time high. BitcoinHolderThankU admitted that they “would not have sold all 127 bitcoins” if the same situation happened again.

And they said, “To give myself credit, I’ve been doing HODL for 8-9 years, which is more than the vast majority of cryptocurrencies.” “I would definitely do it differently if I had another chance.”

Despite their astonishing fortune, Redditor states that they want to avoid “expensive luxury” and intend to invest most of their money in the S&P 500, adding:

“I will not become one of those who win the lottery and blow everything up for several months / years […], I will continue to live as normal as I was on December 21 and every day before.”
Unfortunately, not all stories of lost or forgotten keys have a happy ending. Somewhere in a junkyard in the UK, there could still be over $ 285 million in lost bitcoins after an IT worker accidentally threw his laptop in the keys in 2013.

Source: CoinTelegraph