Crypto Twitter responds to Bitcoin dump: ‘Ok cool’


Bitcoin (BTC) has lost less than $ 40,000, wiping out nearly $ 50 billion from the market value of cryptocurrency. Without even blaming any specific news, Crypto Twitter still does not allow uploads without responding to its colorful ways.

Lark Davis, a crypto-personality with nearly a million followers on Twitter, asked the audience: “Are you buying anything on this dip? Or wait for clarity whether we go lower or higher? ” user french b happily replied that he was too bad to do anything at this stage.

Meanwhile, Frank Siriani III responded by expressing that he actually embraces the trend that the price of bitcoin falls every time he buys. “I resigned myself to the fact that after the purchase it falls. Now I have reconciled myself to it, wrote a Twitter user.

Elsewhere, Crypto Twitter users Sir Doge of the Coin and Ananthu expressed their feelings through photos and gifs of some classic memes.

Gold Bull Peter Schiff and his followers took the opportunity to speak out against BTC, predicting that “a crash under $ 10,000 is very likely.”

Twitter user Manuel Campbell FUD supported Schiff and tweeted that he thinks Schiff is still very optimistic about this prediction.

In response, bitcoin’s Schiff called out and said that his previous predictions were not entirely accurate. Twitter user Max replied to Schiff: “You make a mistake every time!” Quotes Schiff’s tweet from two years ago.

Meanwhile, Microstrategy CEO Michael Saylor took the opportunity to give some words of wisdom to BTC investors.

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While everyone reacted to the dump with varying levels of emotion, Crypto Twitter personality Will Clemente remained unaffected. Clemente tweeted: “I’ve only been driving for a couple of hours, check my phone and BTC is below 40k – good, good.”

Source: CoinTelegraph


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