Leading German soccer club Borussia Dortmund, or BVB, is entering a multi-year partnership with the cryptocurrency platform Bybit.

For now, the details of what the partnership will entail, aside from coverage across brands, remain scanty. In a statement to Cointelegraph, Bybit CEO Ben Zhou noted the huge popularity of the BVB, describing its fan base as the seventh largest in the world. He said:

“Through the partnership, Bybit intends to expand its global reach and brand, as the Bybit logo and logo will almost certainly be featured in BVB matches, its websites and social platforms.”
The highly anticipated high-profile match with Bayern Munich, where clubs are competing for first place in the German Bundesliga, will be the first whirlwind for Pepe with a slogan and slogan. Since the fall of 2019, Bayern Munich has already made their own attempts to implement blockchain-based goods to increase fan engagement.

Many highly successful international soccer clubs have already ventured into the cryptocurrency space, usually with a token fan show or blockchain-based fantasy football and digital collectibles. Cho Sa:

“We hope in the near future we will share the news about the BVB Fan Token, but we cannot share any specific details at the moment. We cannot help but mention that the previous attempt by BVB and Liquiditeam, which was announced in August, failed, and we are obligated to change it. ”
Whatever partnership between Bybit and BVB might ultimately be, the popularity of non-native tokens to create digital collectibles or gaming perks for global sports fans has already proven its competition with other blockchain applications.

Cryptocurrencies and sports partnerships have become a global phenomenon involving clubs from Italy to Japan, Russia, France, Spain and the United Kingdom.

Source: CoinTelegraph