A boxing match between top cryptocurrency traders and cryptocurrency influencers WBC took place at the Global Blockchain Summit in Dubai. The matches were supported by a charitable event that hosted an auction of souvenirs including digital coins and Intangible Tokens (NFT).

What started as a friendly match with a small crowd, two-time world boxing champion Amir Khan and Super Boxing League (SBL) participated as organizers in association with crypto exchange ByBit and the World Boxing Council.

The event featured boxing matches between prominent Crypto Twitter founders such as Luke Martin (VentureCoinist) Vs. Lewis (barneytheboi) and RookieXBT (RookieXBT) vs. loomlock.eth (@loomdart). The tournament winners are Louis and RookieXBT respectively, and RookieXBT won the WBC Crypto Champion belt.

Here’s a video from Cointelegraph showing RookieXBT’s knockout:

According to a conversation with Cointelegraph at a WBS press conference, crypto traders who became warriors months after the training day used “no parties, no drinks, just hard work.” In addition, the boxing match attracted many crypto enthusiasts from all over the world who participated in a charitable event that will be donated to the Amir Khan Foundation.

Khan also shared his enthusiasm for SBL’s participation in the crypto community:

“By collaborating with cryptocurrency, we will further expand our efforts to attract like-minded groups who believe in innovation and transformation.”
On the topic: UAE regulators approve cryptocurrency trading in Dubai Free Zone

As part of an ongoing effort to promote Dubai as the future hub for blockchain, financial regulators in the UAE have officially approved cryptocurrency trading in the Dubai Free Zone on September 22.

A Cointelegraph report on September 23 revealed that the Dubai World Trade Center Authority (DWTCA) has signed an agreement with the UAE Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA) to allow regulated cryptocurrency trading in the DWTCA Free Zone.

Referring to the development, Mariam Al-Suwaidi, Acting CEO of the Securities and Commodities Authority, stated that “DWTCA is committed to supporting blockchain and crypto-based businesses.”

Source: CoinTelegraph