The crypto ecosystem has a few dedicated followers who have the logo of their favorite cryptocurrency etched into their skin for life.

According to the latest data from Crypto Head, more than 900 people around the world have branded themselves with Bitcoin (BTC) “B”, while the number of Dogecoin (DOGE) and Ethereum (ETH) tattoos is on the rise.

The survey analyzed “Instagram hashtags and Google search volumes” and found a 222% increase in crypto tattoo requests. Despite the lack of price action, more and more cryptocurrency enthusiasts are looking to take their place in the crypto world.

For supporters of the first and leading cryptocurrency, bitcoin tattoos have been around for nearly a decade, while influential bitcoin clients are quickly whitewashing themselves. Didi Taihuttu, a bitcoin opponent and father of the bitcoin family, was one of the first bitcoin ink users in 2017. His tattoo symbolizes “freedom and is no longer part of the system.”

Bitcoin author and podcaster Anita Bush got a lightning bolt tattoo on her forearm. In a German-language documentary about bitcoin called “Human B”, she explained that the tattoo “represents energy”. A recipient of a Human Rights Foundation grant recently distributed to Satchies, Bush is an active speaker on the Lightning Network.

Anita Bush’s lightning bolt tattoo on her right forearm. Source: YouTube “Person B”
Although Dogecoin is well above the top 5 cryptocurrencies, it still remains the second most popular crypto tattoo search with an average of 700 searches per month. However, the hype around Dogecoin in 2021 is clearly not far off.

Since then, a significant peak in Doge tattoo search has subsided in early 2021 (highlighted in red), although Elon Musk, Doge’s biggest fan, continues to promote the coin.

Google directions for finding encrypted tattoos. Source: Google
Also, some Dogecoin Instagram tattoos are extensions of the original Shiba Inu dog logo.

Dogecoin tattoo. Source: Instagram
When it comes to cryptocurrency tattoos, the Ethereum logo for the octahedron, a diamond-shaped geometric shape, is inked less, just 6 Instagram posts. However, NFT tattoos that are becoming popular on the Ethereum blockchain are becoming more and more popular.

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Under the top of the NFT tattoo at the end of 2021, as shown in the Google Trends chart, a Lazy Lion NFT collector said that if the Lazy Lions minimum price reaches 2 ETH, they will get themselves a tattoo.

Source: CoinTelegraph