Nicholas Merten, also known as DataDash, found Bitcoin (BTC) when he was $3. But like many others at the time, Merten was very skeptical about cryptocurrencies and thought it was crazy that people were buying what he considered “fake internet money”.

Merten’s story begins with a flash of inspiration in a conversation with his mentor in 2011. At the time, he thought he had no passion; But one day, sparks flared after a social studies teacher told him to watch the presidential debate, where he saw politician Ron Paul exchanging opinions on topics.

“This incident caused a release of dopamine in my head,” Merten said. He was inspired and interested in foreign policy, economics and finance, and studied subjects. From there, you can continue your studies to learn about the 2008 global financial crisis and how inflation works. He knew that given the way things were going, a way to hedge against inflation was needed.

To continue his journey, Merten, with the help of his father, opened a brokerage account and was able to buy his first shares. He eventually immersed himself more in finance, from buying cheap marijuana stocks to investing in solar energy stocks. Then he found a video explaining bitcoin and although it was interesting, he couldn’t fully understand it. Merten missed buying $3 BTC and couldn’t figure out why people were buying it.

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However, he realized that this was his most expensive mistake when he saw the price rise to an all-time high of $1,200 per bitcoin. Upon learning of his fatal mistake, he embarked on a cryptocurrency journey and began buying cryptocurrencies, analyzing the markets, and uploading cryptocurrency-focused videos to his YouTube video.

Source: CoinTelegraph