When YouTube was banned in Pakistan, reality TV star Waqar Zack “had no choice but to turn to Bitlanders – an AI-powered educational social platform – to monetize the Bitcoin content (BTC). The Cointelegraph interviewed Zaki in the latest episode of Crypto Stories to find out how the celebrity got into trouble with the Pakistani government.

Zakka claimed that his YouTube earnings were “small” compared to the capital gains he received from bitcoin, but no one believed the origin of his newfound financial freedom. With the aim of making his home country Pakistan rich in cryptocurrency, he decided to switch his media and entertainment work to teaching materials for Bitcoin.

When the technology-minded Pakistani government banned bitcoin in 2017, Zaka filed a lawsuit against it and won. He has used social media to speak out against the authorities’ unconstitutional actions, provide advisory support and encourage the people of Pakistan to invest in cryptocurrency. Zaka was then appointed responsible for the first water-powered crypto farm in Pakistan for a short-term project.

With Bitcoin still worth $ 5,000, Zaka urged the government to invest 1% of its budget and lend its holdings as collateral. He managed to get the government to issue an order not to criminalize mining or investing in cryptocurrency, unless it was proven that illegal activity had been invoiced.

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Recently, Pakistani President Arif Alvi asked for more education on blockchain technology, artificial intelligence and cyber security during a meeting with blockchain experts.

Source: CoinTelegraph