It was not just the price increase last year. According to LinkedIn, job openings for cryptocurrencies exceeded prices in 2021, with a 395% increase in job requests for cryptocurrencies in the United States alone.

More importantly, the crypto industry has surpassed the broader technology industry, which has also undergone significant development, almost doubling the number of job advertisements. With a growth of 98%, however, the technology industry is fading compared to crypto jobs, which have grown by as much as 395%.

In addition, in 2021, no industry was immune to “cryptocurrency”. A LinkedIn News post provided information on cryptocurrencies affecting other industries:

While the majority of vacancies were related to software and finance, other industries also see high demand for cryptocurrency. These include professional services such as accounting and consulting, as well as recruitment and the computer sector.
It looks like the growth trend will continue in 2022. The largest cryptocurrency exchanges are filled with vacancies; Coinbase has over 250 jobs, Kraken has over 300, and Binance, the world’s most active stock exchange, has over 600 jobs.

For bitcoiners and bitcoin (BTC) fanatics, there is a new resource – Bitcoiner Jobs. A service designed to help connect bitcoin to a bitcoin-only business, now offers nearly 100 Satoshi-certified jobs.

For those who can not convert jobs to crypto, the broader HR trend is crypto rewards. The mayors of New York and Miami have announced that they will receive part of their salary in BTC in 2021, while seven NFL players so far have chosen cryptocurrency over cash salary.

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But even though the career transition in cryptocurrency seems to be gaining momentum, the LinkedIn audience is not convinced. Most of the comments on the LinkedIn post came from confused viewers who wondered why cryptocurrency is so valuable, with an annoying copywriter highlighting the industry’s misleading nature.

In addition, since the price movement for bitcoin has not yet taken place in 2022, the cryptocurrency industry may find it difficult to maintain such a high level of growth in human resources.

In the bear market in 2018, many crypto companies laid off their employees. In short, BTC activity needs to be restored to continue supporting job creation.

Source: CoinTelegraph