The Australian Financial Review (AFR) has compiled a list of 87 of the wealthiest Australian entrepreneurs aged 40 or younger, each with a net worth of more than A$36 million (US$26.9 million).

Leading the list is Melanie Perkins and Cliff Obrecht, co-founder and CEO of the popular graphic design software company Canva. The net worth of the couple is estimated at $16.5 billion Australian dollars ($12.3 billion).

Seven crypto stars made their debut on the AFR’s 2021 Young Rich List, including the ideas behind some of the leading protocols in Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and non-fungible tokens.

Kane Warwick, founder of the Synthetix derivatives trading protocol, is the most successful crypto designer in Australia, with an estimated net worth of A$879 million ($657 million).

Warwick founded Synthetix in 2017 with a protocol consisting of an Ethereum-based decentralized synthetic asset issuance protocol that provides access to a wide range of markets such as cryptocurrencies, stocks, and commodities through synthetic assets.

Synthetix ranks as the second largest DeFi with a total locked-down value (TVL) of $2.2 billion, and the original SNX token is the 85th largest crypto asset with a capitalization of $1.9 billion at the time of writing.

Synthetix has raised A$46.1 million (US$34.46 million) in six funding rounds. Paradigm, Coinbase Ventures and IOSG Ventures have all participated in the rounds, according to Crunchbase.

Eluvium and the Warwick Brothers
Ken Warwick isn’t the only family member on the list, his three brothers Aaron, Grant and Kieran are also on the list this year.

The three brothers co-founded the upcoming crypto game Illuvium, which could make money in 2020. Keiran with a net worth of A$463 million ($346 million) tops out at 22nd, while Aaron comes in at 26th with a net worth of A$425. One million dollars and Grant is 34th with a value of 196 million Australian dollars.

Although the game Illuvium is currently still in development, the ILV token has risen in market capitalization rankings this year, in the midst of price hikes, so far in 145th place with a value of $721 million.

So far, Illuvium has raised $5 million in a funding round that includes Framework Ventures and IOSG Ventures.

Sustainable Bitcoin Miners
Also on the list were brothers Daniel and William Roberts, with the duo in 19th place with a total of A$484 million. Earlier this year, the duo founded a bitcoin (BTC) mining company focused on sustainable energy called Iris Energy. In July, Cointelegraph reported that the company was looking to raise $200 million in preparation for a listing on the Nasdaq.

Last week, the company filed for listing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission to raise up to $100 million. The company intends to list its shares under the REN index at the end of this year.

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Sergeenko on the path to glory
Finally, Sydney-based Sergey Sergienko ranked 60th with a net worth of A$97 million ($72.5 million), thanks in part to his work with Chronobank, a blockchain company he founded in 2016 that streamlines hiring processes and pays workers. digital currencies.

“The company empowers human resources and hires professionals using blockchain technology, while enabling freelancers around the world to get the best jobs and ensure they get paid quickly and fairly,” the Chronobank website says.

Source: CoinTelegraph