+ After the Associated Press announced that President-elect Joe Biden had defeated the current Donald Trump in the US presidential race, the 174-year-old organization that has covered the election since 1848 lent its appeal to Ethereum and EOS Blockchains, which launched at least one predictable market. with it. Moussa.

However, some have expressed doubts about the legality of using such an invitation as a will, raising wider questions about security and determinism in the smart contract prediction markets.

On October 15, 2020, Everipedia – a trade encyclopedia and blockchain company announced that it will provide signed data with cryptographic evidence that the data is coming from an access point to EOS and Ethereum using the infrastructure provided by the Chainlink Oracle network.

“We want to go down in history as the first to directly sign and deploy AP applications for use on the blockchain,” David Liebowitz, Everipedia’s vice president of business development, said in a press release.

Following this announcement, YieldWars, a competitive gaming and crop growing platform, launched the Trump / Biden forecast market using AP data as an oracle. In just two days, the market attracted more than $ 250,000 in games.

In an interview with Cointelegraph, co-founder of YieldWars, Owl, he said Everipedia’s partnership with AP was a natural choice:

“By further exploring the alternatives, it became clear that this was our best alternative. AP is perhaps the most reliable news channel in the world, and as an anonymous project, we learned that in order for people to trust us, we need a source.”
Critics, many of whom appear to support Donald Trump’s claims that no final election decision has yet been made, have argued that the AP is not sufficient as a trustee.

A Twitter user said:

“Let yourself go there, hang a lie on the blockchain as a fact – this is a dangerous path, it can win, but the stories and lawsuits are already underway, so how could this be on the blockchain as a fact.”
Another user with the alias “cryptolet” asked: “Can I also write on the blockchain that I’m now the boss?”

However, Owl believes that future racing and prediction markets will be able to offer a more robust set of oracles, and ideally these complaints will be put aside:

“In the future, I expect more oracles like the AP and I expect that in the next elections we will see them. Having a number of reliable oracles that regulate markets should resolve almost all disputes.”

Source: CoinTelegraph