LEGO Group, a toy manufacturer best known for its popular blocking plastic blocks, has suggested that it may be entering the latest cryptocurrency craze.

On Wednesday, an official LEGO Twitter account posted (and then quickly deleted) a post indicating characters or NFTs that cannot be replaced with a short video. A tweet that says “zeros and ones, but still a brick” along with an NFT hash tag may indicate that the popular game maker is considering re-entering the crypto space.

The 14-second video, although not directly related to NFT, shows a 3D LEGO brick spinning in space, with bugs popping up around the block. YouTuber Ashnflash, who posts content in LEGO form, suggested that the tweet could be a teaser for “LEGO cryptocurrency.”

Although the tweet page has been deleted, it seems that many LEGO fans are less likely to enter the NFT room due to their initial reaction to the company’s announcement. Some have cited environmental considerations, claiming that the company’s entry into the NFT was “a bad event for the planet”, given the game maker’s claim that it was “balanced with renewable energy.”

In the midst of the NFT barrier, this technology has come under fire for its environmental impact due to the necessary processing power. However, since the industry is developing alternatives to making NFTs that utilize some of the power needed, such as Eth2, these concerns are likely to carry less weight.

While the official LEGO manufacturer may not release any NFTs right away, crypto users can find similar plastic stone artwork on the online marketplace. For example, OpenSea’s digital marketplace currently has a play block character from Heisenberg from Breaking Bad.

Source: CoinTelegraph