ConsenSys, one of the most prominent Ethereum software companies, has launched an updated version of AirSwap, a peer-to-peer exchange that promotes complete decentralization and guaranteed pricing.

ConsenSys unveiled the new AirSwap on Tuesday, culminating in a “second phase” of the development plan. The technical updates have been based on AirSwap or AIP improvement proposals that help the community select and prioritize new development projects on the web.

As Cointelegraph reports, the revamped exchange will protect traders from both pre-slippage and pricing by taking advantage of the Request for Quote or RFQ and nuclear swaps for settlement. The company expects RFQ models to account for approximately 40% of its decentralized trading volume in the future.

Don Mosets, Product Manager at Codefi Markets and co-founder of AirSwap, explained:

“In aggregators like MetaMask switches, we can see that about 40% of the volume is captured by RFQ models due to rolling, competitive prices and efficient implementation.”
Mosites said RFP systems reduce the cost of gas and promote better prices for professionals. As a result, there is no slippage in trades of any size and no market manipulation.

“AirSwap’s RFP solves the AMM-related issues,” explained Mosites. It also offers the best use case for over-the-counter or over-the-counter appointments. “Some of Defi’s biggest deals were through AirSwap OTC,” Mosites said.

It was also reported that AirSwap was the source of “peer-to-peer security token trading” in November 2018.

From Tuesday, users of the exchange will also be able to participate in governance by placing AirSwap tokens on Codefi Activate, which aims to promote the use of new networks. At the moment, 15 announcements have been published, the rest are awaiting voting.

New token issuers can use Codefi Activate to encourage participation in the governance process in their communities.

AirSwap was launched in 2017 with 9447 members from 135 countries. Average trading volume is around $ 2 million per day and is expected to increase following new mergers.

ConsenSys came under the spotlight last week after the company announced a new partnership with cybersecurity firm Securosys to launch a more secure storage solution for Ethereum 2.0. The new product, Codefi Staking, is Eth2’s “institutional betting tool”.

Source: CoinTelegraph