Erica Rhodes, a Democrat running for California’s 30th Congressional District in the US House of Representatives, has begun accepting campaign contributions in bitcoin using the Lightning Network.

On Tuesday, in a post to over 21,000 Twitter followers, Rhodes revealed that campaigns on her website have begun using coverage for campaign contributions, as well as BitPay options for Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). The move was aimed at making her campaign available to voters who would consider Rhodes in the California primary in June 2022 and possibly the general election later that year, according to the congressional candidate.

Rhodes is seeking to replace fellow Democrat Brad Sherman, who has represented the district since 2013 and also expects to be re-elected in 2002. During his tenure, Sherman made numerous anti-crypto statements, including calling for a ban on digitizing assets, and calling proponents of the introductory coin proposal “charlatans and swindlers.” Rhodes, an elementary school teacher, said she plans to use her time in Congress to “fight to keep Bitcoin innovation” in the United States.

At the local level, many lawmakers who have spoken out in support of the cryptocurrency law and other space initiatives have already won elections. Earlier this month, Eric Adams crushed his Republican opponent in the race for New York mayors, later stating that he would start receiving his salary in cryptocurrency, and was promoting the launch of New YorkCityCoin (NYCCoin). In Florida, Miami Mayor Francis Suarez has announced his intentions to ensure that the city receives “the most advanced digital currency” ahead of his re-election on November 2.

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While some incumbent members of Congress are accepting cryptocurrency contributions for their re-election campaigns, advertising and promoting such a move is still a relatively new concept, given several federal elections held in the United States since the 2017 beef race. Morgan Harper said that Rob Portman, an interested candidate for the Ohio Senate seat, recently said she was “in learning mode” in the crypto space and called on the public to voice their opinions on how lawmakers can “keep out intruders while encouraging innovation.” …

Source: CoinTelegraph