Storytelling is part of being human. Once born in cave paintings and oral stories about fire, later evolved into radio and internet, entire brands now lead the world with an account that combines true passion and like-minded communities to gain cult status. Given the strength of history, it is not surprising that non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have grown in popularity in the same way to mark projects.

The news about NFTs like EtherRock that sold for 1.3 million makes it difficult for users to distinguish one project from another, especially when some of them look like digital art. The difference then comes back to the brand with its artistic, interactive and fun experience. For some projects, it was about creating an atmosphere of exclusivity, early access to future projects, and being able to change the outcome by voting for community members.

One of the pioneering projects is Cultiez. The team aims to develop an immersive community experience that takes place in the metaverse and pushes the boundaries of what is possible while creating groundbreaking Decentralized Finance (DeFi) solutions. Cultiez is serving as an experimental switch for the upcoming DeFi project, which will be launched in the first half of 2022.

For users, this means that they can enjoy the world around NFT as well as the digital artwork itself. Cultiez owners will have early access and will be able to interact with the community on the platform.

In the foreground, The Cultiez Project Team,

“We, the blockchain development team in Southern California, created Project Cultiez to create a community that loves the space we are passionate about and build something that can go beyond the NFT world we’ve seen so far. We hope everyone feels as strong as we do about the potential of this project and we look forward to meeting everyone at the culture. !

Currently, users can enter the metaverse through Oculus or a virtual reality headset. Owning one of the Gen Art NFTs is your ticket to the Cultiez meta-universe – Cultivese – and DeFi’s next social platform for web and mobile.

Contribute to a dynamic story
Kultiz begins with a story about a devastating creature that falls on a small planet. After the central battle took place, the world was shaken and the Dark Mighty Guardian was defeated. Most of the universe was celebrating, except for Xenix. The dying planet Xenix fades as it traverses in a dark corner of the universe, and we’ve never heard of any such battle.

Darkness finds this desert planet and forces one of its inhabitants to be a prophet to begin gathering the people of Zenix for his return. But it is misleading. This scientist believes that he is the great guardian and that darkness still exists in the universe sowing destruction and despair. He promised them peace and prosperity in return for the strength he needed to get back into the fight, and they believe him. They only want peace and believe that a blessing has come to help them achieve it.

But the world has to start somewhere, when the team splits, it begins assembling the cult army, which began in December 2021. In addition to providing a permanent collection, after the release of Cultiz, the team shared their plans with a donation of 10% of the total cash income to charity.

Discord’s current 22,900 members will take a critical role in deciding which charitable organization (or charities) this money will go to, as well as the social events that could occur and the eventual fate of the cultural world.

Additionally, participation in the metaverse can also be rewarding, as an engraved Cultiez character comes with automatic entry into the raffle for a hand-drawn vinyl copy of the user’s avatar.

years on the road
The team reports that more than 20,000 members have joined Discord, according to the first version of the team’s draft. Without enthusiasm, the team aims to continue pushing the boundaries of what the NFT project can achieve within the DeFi social platform.

Users can expect the platform to be rolled out to the public soon, with the promise of creating ongoing value for all participants through partnerships including virtual reality, esports, coins, and auction platforms, to name a few.

Source: CoinTelegraph