Cointelegraph Countdown shows the most influential figures in crypto and blockchain, and brings the best to last. The top ten are knocked out, and an unexpected competitor takes a special place at number 0.

The last year has been tough, and as the last days of February approach, the situation does not improve. Numerous difficulties, including pandemic, inflation, unrest, protests and military conflicts, have led to an all-time high level of concern as market prices have fallen. But hope is not lost. Bitcoin (BTC) is back, fraud continues to pile up, and humanity will overcome many of today’s problems. That is why the message, which is at number 0, especially in the Top 100, is: We all want to do it!

With big names like Tesla boss Elon Musk, El Salvador president Nayib Bukele and Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin taking their place on the list, many may wonder: who is taller than them all? The answer is faith and hope that everything will get better.


As always, many may disagree with the list, but Cointelegraph created it to keep track of all the people who stood out in 2021 and will continue to contribute to crypto and blockchain in 2022.

Those who contribute to the growth of the blockchain industry are spread all over the world, and in the years to come it will attract more and more people. For this reason, the Cointelegraph team will always be there to update you on the latest developments in blockchain and crypto. Thank you for making us your source for crypto news, and enjoy the latest issue of Cointelegraph Top 100 Crypto & Blockchain of the Year.

Source: CoinTelegraph