Did you make an ordered list? Perhaps the best movies about finance, your favorite vineyards in France, the coolest bars in your city, or just the people you want to have coffee with when you’re in New York for just two days? If so, I think you’ll agree with me: It can be very fun, but it is also very difficult. And the more applicants you plan to apply, the more difficult it will be to create an application that works for you.

Now imagine that you are not compiling this list on your own, but in a discussion with dozens of your colleagues, each of whom has an opinion that you greatly value. Then there comes a point where you start to regret always asking someone’s opinion, because it’s technically impossible to include everyone’s opinion. You also need to update the list at least 20 times, maybe more, because we’re in an industry that Usain Bolt envys the speed with which success stories are created.


This challenge was more difficult for me because I was working on it for the third time with the Cointelegraph team. At some point, you realize that 100 posts simply aren’t enough to include everyone you want to praise or mention, and you start having nightmares about last year’s winners coming in to ask where they are this year. (In my dreams, they looked like the Commendatore statue from Don Juan, I think a nod to the visual theme of the 100 Best Marble Busts in Space of 2021.)

The list of the most influential people on the blockchain, presented by Cointelegraph editors this year, is as usual very subjective and largely spontaneous, but also the result of a long series of chess moves with sets of pieces inspired by external events. In addition to the subtle changes in conversational mood caused by the unstable weather in the industry.

This year we wanted to experience what made the most impact, not just who. We have come to realize that some of the most important events for us are about an entire community, a company or a group of people working in a new direction, not with a specific person. So we asked ourselves: What is the most influential thing in our perception of the industry? What names, teams, creations, or concepts mean the most? So with Vitalik Buterin, Snoop Dogg and Kristen Smith, you’ll find a dog, a monkey, a museum, climate change, some concepts we look forward to continuing to explore this year, and a reflection for all of us.

This year’s list topic is also part of the tribute we wanted to pay tribute to a visual phenomenon in the cryptocurrency industry: CryptoPunks, which were given new life in 2021 and which we expect will continue to make a huge impact in 2022.

I hope some of our decisions have made you smile and some have made you undoubtedly pissed off. It’s great that we all have different opinions and I’d like you to share with us who or what your key figures are in crypto in 2022 – on social media with the hashtag #CTTop100 or by email at editor@cointelegraph.com. And if you change your mind after posting it, feel free to share an updated version.

We know that the crypto community thinks big and adapts to changes, both internal and external, better than anyone else. This year’s roster represents that resilience. And I believe that our society has a huge potential to find peaceful and sustainable solutions to the problems of the future, so let’s use it! WAGMI!

Source: CoinTelegraph