In recent years, Non-Foldable Tokens (NFTs) have grown into a multi-billion dollar industry and have established themselves among the most tech-savvy experts. They opened the door to unlimited possibilities and created a new direction for the future of the Internet. Enter the Nitro Network, which is set to revolutionize the NFT site and take it to the next level. The Nitro network through leading non-miners (NFMs) will strengthen the decentralized network by offering generous rewards to users.

This is the reason why Cointelegraph has partnered with Nitro Network to pioneer the future of the decentralized internet through a non-reproducing miner. NFM is a unique innovation – NFT, which gives all users the ability to digitally retrieve the original Nitro token, NCash, from anywhere in the world. For the end user, Nitro has made cryptocurrency mining an entirely digital experience as they do not need to maintain and manage their own physical miners. In addition to allowing users to mine digitally, every NFM that Nitro currently offers comes in the form of a Nitro Bot NFT that comes with its own value structure and rarity levels.

Nitro now offers three “NFM Nitro Bot” tiers that are sold through their website. Each location-based NFM offers a generous bonus structure and a unique NFT. For example, Tier 1 National Financial Institutions are associated with prime offices such as New York, London and Dubai. NFMs offer the highest rewards and come in the form of the rarest Nitro Bot NFTs.

Nitro digital miners also provide added value. Not only do you get rewards and NFTs instantly, but you can also buy as many miners as you want without worrying about storage space, lack of hardware, charging delays, electricity costs or setup!

In addition to allowing my users to work digitally and earn great rewards through NFM, Nitro allows select users to host a network hotspot called “Nest”. This nest will be the backbone of the new decentralized internet. All nests will be geographically dispersed to provide maximum coverage and scalability without duplication. This ensures that there is no competition between hosts, allowing each user to double their rewards. You can apply to become a Nitro Nester and they will send you a miner for free.

By creating a decentralized Internet run by Nitro users themselves, people can have complete information and control over where and how their data is used. In addition, when the network is fully deployed, communities around the world will be able to interact and share smart city technologies on the Nitro network. A new era is coming!

Cointelegraph conceptualized and developed the NFT Nitro Bot, which act like a digital NFM. When Cointelegraph was developing NFM, Cointelegraph wanted to summarize several aspects of what creates value for NFT by integrating utility, reward structure, dynamic rare attributes, exciting artistic aesthetics, and many unlockable items. By joining Nitro, Cointelegraph became an active contributor to building the future of Web3, covering and tracking development for nearly a decade.

The best part is that the Nitro NFM preview has already begun! Those who want to pre-order the miner and reserve a spot on the decentralized internet should go to the Nitro website and join social media channels: Twitter, Instagram, Discord, Telegram, and Reddit.

Source: CoinTelegraph