Cointelegraph Markets Pro, a computer platform designed to create a level playing field for cryptocurrency entrants, is now available to the public after a successful live test period.

The platform, which has been developed over the course of a year, is the result of a comprehensive analysis of the cryptocurrency markets and the main drivers of price movements. It was developed in collaboration with Cointelegraph and The TIE, a leading provider of cryptographic data, analytics and software, serving large hedge funds, market makers and OTC offices.

VORTECS Score Test
At the heart of the platform is the VORTECS score, which compares current market conditions for over 130 cryptoassets with historically similar markets. A proprietary algorithm analyzes these historical conditions and looks for consistent patterns of market behavior over the next few days.

“Although cryptocurrency markets appear to be volatile, volatility often shows astonishing stability,” said Jay Cassano, CEO of Cointelegraph. “While we all know that past performance does not indicate future performance, Markets Pro combines sentiment analysis and social media activities with real-time market conditions to enable us to create very specific patterns.”

“The story does not predict, but can be informative.”
According to Joshua Frank, CEO of TIE, VORTECS beta has yielded compelling results.

“We tested all the results that exceeded a certain limit in the live beta,” Frank explained. “When the VORTECS score for a particular cryptocurrency exceeded 70, we saw an average price increase of 7.61% over the next 24 hours and 25.9% over the next seven days.”

Frank noted that when the valuation crossed the 80 threshold, assets increased by 8.58% over the next 24 hours and 28.2% over the next week.

“Of course, since most cryptocurrency traders turn to other assets like Bitcoin, the real goal of success during a bull market is if assets that have crossed these thresholds have made money relative to the entire cryptocurrency market,” Frank continued.

“This is exactly what happened – during the week, assets that received 70 points grew by an average of 21.3% compared to the mint world and rose to 23.8% for assets that received more than 80 points.”

News makes headlines faster
Cointelegraph Markets Pro also offers NewsQuakes, a comprehensive news feed that is considered to be the fastest in the cryptocurrency industry.

“We’ve been working with TIE throughout the year to identify and isolate key news drivers in the news cycle,” explained Cointelegraph editor John Rice.

Token burning, exchange lists, partnerships and announcements about bids are the headlines that tend to give the markets life. Markets Pro uses artificial intelligence to see thousands of resources, which we analyze every minute, and we provide key information about these events directly to Markets Pro subscribers – often in seconds.

Rice suggested that, for example, when a cryptocurrency asset is listed on Coinbase, it often experiences rapid and dramatic price increases. “These announcements can bring profits to traders who see them quickly,” he said.

“For example, our NewsQuake system delivered news of a Filecoin listing in December within one minute of the announcement – and about 60 seconds before the Coinbase team tweeted. This window is important for traders.”
Rice also noted that for many foreign exchanges, the time between the original language of the stock and the English version may be much longer, but NewsQuake supports multiple languages ​​and translates them in real time.

Market information for everyone
Markets Pro subscribers also get access to community features. Powered by the Cointelegraph and TIE teams, members can participate in discussions with their passionate peers, share strategies and ideas, and access unique expert research.

Cassano hopes the combination of real-time news and computational modeling will make cryptocurrency markets available to investors of all classes. “We have witnessed a global increase in interest in cryptocurrencies, as well as the realization that the asymmetry of information in today’s financial markets tends to accumulate against the average investor. I hope Markets Pro can help level this area in the crypto industry. ”

Frank reiterated this view, saying: “When we first started making TIEs over three years ago, we had a unique goal: to empower millions of day-to-day investors around the world to make better decisions using reliable and transparent cryptocurrency data. We summarize billions of data we have collected, and share intelligence that can be useful and beneficial to all. “

Source: CoinTelegraph