As the corporate investing story continues to evolve, accounts within the chain show that the continued buildup of BTC on the headlines continues, with a 9% increase in just the last 30 days. This was slightly offset by a 10-100 Bitcoin drop in the number of titles, indicating that the little whales have found an opportunity to reap forever profit in order to grow.

The year started with increased volatility and trading volume as BTC reached a new permanent high of $ 41,941 and then fell below $ 32,000. In doing so, the annual rate of volatility reached 97%, which has not happened since April 2020.

Cointelegraph Consulting’s latest newsletter twice a week looks at how futures financing rates are affecting the market. As investors seek to monetize the increasing bitcoin prices, funding rates have reached new levels, exposing the market to high risks from crowded positions.

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Source: CoinTelegraph