At this point, you may not have lost sight of the fact that the original cryptocurrency (and many claimed to remain the best) bitcoin earlier this week broke the $ 50,000 price line for the first time in history.

Whether you are new to the party or remember to extract Bitcoin (BTC) with a GPU ten years ago, you can not help but feel like a big deal. This is the culmination of all the support, faith and money that each of you has invested in Bitcoin.

To celebrate, our talented artists have created a work of art that honors you, the Bitcoin community, by pushing BTC beyond this important price point.

It was released in a very limited edition of 50 antifungal tokens available in our Rarible profile. Each NFT costs $ 1,000 (or more precisely 0.5 ETH), and the entire set will be priced at just $ 50,000 at launch.

Of course, Bitcoin does not end there. Finally, BTC’s price is less important than its ability to transform the world of traditional economics. While more than a decade of existence has certainly shaken today’s financial markets, the road to its full potential is still ahead.

But no one will envy us for the fact that we sighed at this moment; Give yourself a little slap in the face, knowing that we were “there” when Bitcoin reached this point along the way.

And for fifty of you, there is a chance to celebrate by buying NFT. Use it as a badge of honor for all the work we have done together.

That’s all and the beginning of the next chapter on bitcoin.

Source: CoinTelegraph