Let’s take one thing away. You disagree with every sample from Cointelegraph’s list of the 100 Most Outstanding People on Blockchain.

In fact, you will almost certainly disagree with the many people we have compiled this year.

You’d be outraged if you include [insert comic villain here] and exclude, for example, Charles Hoskinson. Especially if you are already Charles Hoskinson.

You will notice the fact that Arthur Hayes has nothing to find. (We watched.) You want to eat your own words because you tweeted once that John McAfee was cool.

And despite your anger at Charlie Lee’s glorious absence and [really, this guy?] Presence, we risk our top 100 companies being the most comprehensive and thoroughly researched … and arguably the most controversial choice.

Our inclusion criteria for this year recognize that the Cointelegraph Top 100 is not a coded persona. No one guarantees a position based on their reputation. Instead, it refers to those whose elections have had a major impact on the industry over the past year, or who we expect to be particularly influential in 2021.

His disrespect for the “core” of cryptocurrency, if such a thing can exist in an industry barely more than ten years old, is reflected in the fact that there are an incredible 75 new players on the roster this year.

Even more surprising is the fact that none of the top 10 people of last year have ever ranked first on this year’s list – five of them dropped out of our top 100.

Contributing to the entire Cointelegraph editorial team, our list is neither endorsement of the people mentioned, nor a celebration of any accomplishment. We absolutely hate Black Hat Pirates, but you can’t deny their impact on our industry.

Although somewhat Western-oriented, it is a well thought-out choice, given that some of our regional publications have drawn up their own lists. We should also point out that we do not have quotas on diversity and inclusiveness despite strong internal debate; The list is merit-based, although we remain surprised and disappointed at the pace at which under-represented groups are entering the sector.

However, we are encouraged by the fact that women currently make up 24% of the top 50 – a significant increase from 10% in 2020.


Our list contains ten people from each of our ten categories:

When we list founders, we must definitely select those who have begun to bear fruit. These are people who have proven they have the patience and perseverance to succeed, as well as a passionate drive to innovate.

The numbers on our list of investors often serve as a bridge between blockchain and the world of traditional finance, and the more investors join the cryptocurrency records, the closer the industry will be to widespread adoption.

Our list of the best Defi personalities attempts to highlight this diverse roster of characters. In their own way – often incredible – they each contributed in 2020, and many of them will continue to shape Defi’s future.

We’re talking about rock stars, influencers, sports personalities, tech wizards, converters of the traditional economy, and innovators from all walks of life – even captains of spaceships – who all share a desire to spread the general belief that distributed technology is how we are. work. humanity further.

Media, data and research
Some of the personalities we’ve highlighted in the Media, Data and Research category are well-known in the media, from crypto influencers and podcast providers to cable hosts. Others lead data analytics companies or compilers that help us separate signal from noise. There are several individuals who often fight behind the scenes and lead influential companies and research foundations.

The people we searched for in the Market category represent the most talented and intelligent analysts in the industry. Some have an eerie ability to predict general market movements using a short chart posted on Twitter, while others are researching Bitcoin’s on-chain activity to develop detailed calculations aimed at institutions and long-term investors.

Those who made it to the list of Exchange categories this year have responded differently to the challenges of expansion and new economic models, including increasing server capacity, improving user experience, and deploying solutions such as the Bitcoin Lightning Network, sidechains, and decentralized exchange protocols.

In our acceptance category, we’ve highlighted the people in crypto who create and maintain popular products, as well as those who help us remind ourselves why we’re here in the first place.

Source: CoinTelegraph