Veteran cryptocurrency market data collector CoinMarketCap (CMC) is entering a new territory – teaching cryptocurrencies.

CMC first established itself as a cryptocurrency pricing site in 2013 and remains at the center of ongoing efforts to create reliable data sources for industry investors.

The website now goes beyond market data and aims to provide more comprehensive educational content that can help beginners navigate coding.

A spokesperson for CoinMarketCap told Cointelegraph: “Cryptocurrencies aren’t as particularly important as they used to be, but they’re also not uncommon – they’re somewhere in between.”

Therefore, the site seeks to use its already user traffic to support the “cryptocurrency revolution”, “educating everyone who enters the CMC about these new technologies”. Speakers say:

“We first try to provide the educational building blocks that will help newcomers to the crypto space become more familiar with the basic concepts that many crypto enthusiasts already take for granted, ranging from the smallest details of how Bitcoin transactions work to more important considerations. For example, how It keeps your cryptocurrency safe. ”

The new platform is called CMC Alexandria, and it is a reference to the ancient Library of Alexandria from the second century BC. – A symbol of the early desire to gather knowledge of the world in one place within the framework of the “World Library”.

The CMC Crypto Library includes a glossary, articles on basic cryptocurrencies, technical details and a section on the Decentralized Economy (DeFi).

Commenting on why DeFi is so popular with the library, a CoinMarketCap spokesperson explained that while CoinMarketCap takes a lexical approach to learning cryptocurrency, it also aims to reflect the most relevant developments to date.

“At the moment, this is decentralized financing,” the spokesperson said, adding that “non-beginners” still needed access to more complete information to understand new and possibly unclear topics in the DeFi room.

Binance reportedly acquired CMC in April of this year, and there have been changes to the team in recent weeks.

Source: CoinTelegraph