Blockchain infrastructure provider Bison Trails has expanded its integration with Coinbase Custody to enable storage of Solana tokens.

In the August 27 announcement, Bison Trails stated that Coinbase Custody Solana (SOL) token users would be allowed to delegate to Bison Trails endorsers at the enterprise level.

Bison Trails has been offering support for Solana since March – a level 1 blockchain solution that aims to ensure high scalability without hashing. This allows token holders to run their own validation tools or authorize the Bison Trails validator. In April, the infrastructure platform first teamed up with Coinbase Custody to enable Polkadot (DOT) as the public auditor of Bison Trails.

According to Bison Trails, the integration will allow its users to participate in SOL with “secure and offline storage” for their tokens.

The announcement reads: “Authorizing SOL Now, during the warm-up, the class will have more time to take action before inflation is activated in Solana’s network and participants can reap rewards.

The Infrastructure-as-a-Service has expanded its services since raising more than $ 25 million in a round of funding that ended last November. The company currently offers blockchain infrastructure solutions for Celo, NEAR – a platform for Open Finance and Open Web – and Ethereum 2.0, an upgrade that moves the network from a consensus mechanism for proof of work to proof of deployment.

Source: CoinTelegraph