Less than a month after Brian Armstrong stated that Coinbase should “focus on fulfilling its mission,” he appeared to be breaking policy by tweeting a political post full of lies … during business hours.

In a tweet on October 23 from Armstrong’s personal account, Coinbase boss posted a link to Rob Reinhart’s blog about Kanye West’s presidential race with the tagline “Epic Post.”

Rhinhart’s Twitter account is no longer available for unknown reasons, although his absence may have been due to inaccuracies and outright lies in the post – although some suggested it was my satirical book.

This lie includes the claim that the son of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden “committed suicide” – in fact, Beau Biden died of brain cancer in 2015. Twitter previously blocked the New York Post account for an article containing unconfirmed accusations against Hunter Biden.

The blog post titled “Why do I vote for Kanye West” clearly contrasts with Armstrong’s position on expressing political views of Crypto.

Do as I say, not like me
In September, Armstrong wrote a controversial blog post arguing that Coinbase’s mission does not include advocating “any particular target or candidates unrelated to our mission because it distracts from our mission.”

Armstrong said at the time, “We will not discuss domestic affairs or political candidates unrelated to work.” He added that Coinbase employees “should not expect the company to represent our personal beliefs from the outside.”

Some members of the crypto community accused the Coinbase boss of outright hypocrisy to release a policy statement at 12:12 am.

It’s full of propaganda, false allegations and nonsense, ”said Josh Elman, a board member of venture capital group Greylock Partners.

Confidence in leaders’ judgment (even if we do not agree with their decisions) is important to both the CEO and the president. This undermines your credibility. ”

Other Twitter users indicated the post was intentionally misleading.

“This article should be ironic, right?” If not, then this is one of the most deaf, violent, and controversial breeds I’ve ever seen. ” Honestly, I’d be very embarrassed to work with someone who thinks this is.

Ironically, the controversy surrounding Armstrong’s latest tweet is exactly what he said he hoped to avoid by making Coinbase a “apolitical culture.”

The line between ethics and politics is blurred. We can use our business day to discuss how we are dealing with various unrelated issues in the world, but this will not serve the company or our own interests as employees and shareholders. … ”
Sixty Coinbase employees, or about 5% of the employees, reportedly left the crypto company after the September announcement. At a meeting on October 1, Armstrong said a “quiet majority” of employees sided with him to prevent policies from accessing Coinbase. However, some residents are said to feel that their freedom of expression is being violated and that employees are required to delete some political correspondence published internally on the message platform Slack.However, there is no constitutional right to freedom of expression in private companies.

Twitter user Gleb Bakhmutov said: “If the original lack of policy rule had prompted smart people to quit your job, she would have described this wandering idiot as” epic “.

Source: CoinTelegraph