In a series of tweets published on January 27, decentralized financial (DeFi) researcher zachxbt revealed the true identity of anonymous former QuadrigaCX co-founder Michael Patrin and named him @0xSifu, founder of the Wonderland DeFi protocol.

After posting private messages between zachxbt and Daniel Sesta – founder of Wonderland and Abracadabra – Sesta tweeted his side of the matter, saying “I don’t have any prejudice about @0xSifu, he has become a friend and part of my family and if you hear me out you will be affected by that dox for what it is” .

The recent blog by Sesta revealed that he learned of Shifu’s profession only a month ago, but decided to keep the role of CFO based on the principles of other opportunities. However, after an emotional public outcry in response to his tweets this morning, Sesta took a moment to reflect on the situation and came to the following conclusion:

I decided that he should withdraw his vote before accepting his consent. Wonderland has a say in who runs the treasury, not me or the rest of the Wonderland team.”
On January 9, Sesta announced their optimism about projects as founders and teams reveal their identity, stating that “Team Doxxed tokens will outperform anyone else. Notable.”

This is a shared theme across Defi and NFT to support the brand’s development from a pure web entity into a global, physical and digital interactive community.

Wonderland appeared in space in September 2020 as a fork of Olympus DAO that was launched on the avalanche web. The community calls itself “Frogs,” but the decentralized reserve currency protocol hasn’t made much headway in the market yet.

According to current data from the site, the total value of the locked protocol (TVL) is $360 million, while TIME’s original assets are down nearly 97.5% from their all-time highs just two months ago, and are down 30% today to $355. .

Last week, the founders stepped in with quantitative easing to pump millions of dollars into projects in a desperate attempt to stem the price bloodshed.

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The QuadrigaCX saga began after the sudden death of Gerald Cotten, co-founder of the Canadian crypto exchange, in December 2018. The inability to find encrypted passwords for cold storage wallets.

In the following years, an ongoing legal battle began between nearly 20,000 creditors and the stock exchange, and in late 2020, management firm Ernst & Young reported that they had only about $29.8 million in assets to distribute, compared to $171 million in claims value.

The story sparked interest from streaming and production giant Netflix, which recently announced that a documentary is in development shedding light on the mystery surrounding Cotten’s death and the subsequent economic downturn.

Titled “Trust No One: Hunt for the Crypto King,” the film will premiere in 2022 and will feature QuadrigaCX’s alleged evil in the carpet based on countless personal stories from a community base.

Source: CoinTelegraph