The Chinese government support the blockchain initiative, Blockchain Service Network, or BSN, provides support for another set of core blockchain protocols. On November 26, he announced that he would integrate Polkadot, Oasis and Bityaun into his ecosystem on November 30.

The Polkadot blockchain protocol is designed to combine several specialized blockchains into a single network. Polkadot also allows it to process multiple transactions in multiple rows in parallel, and takes network throughput to the next level. Oasis specializes in proprietary and scalable decentralized financial tools, and Bityuan is a provider of blockchain solutions for Chinese companies.

Yifan He, CEO of Red Date Technology and CEO of BSN Developers Association, reportedly said the Bityuan structure is becoming more popular in China, saying:

“I see a growing number of commercial use cases for the Bityuan platform in China recently. Through this integration, I believe BSN will inspire developers around the world to build business- and business-oriented decentralized applications. ”
The latest addition of blockchains represents the third set of blockchain protocols supported by BSN. BSN, which was tested in 2019, launched its first batch of blockchains including Ethereum and EOS in August 2020, with other networks such as Algorand as part of the second batch.

As mentioned earlier, the integration of new blockchain protocols gives global developers access to a specific network through global public city points and BSN portals. To publish and manage their licensed networks on BSN International, developers must create an account on the official website.

Source: CoinTelegraph