On Wednesday, the IRS awarded two contracts worth $ 625,000 to find trackers of the Monero and Tier 2 privacy token protocols. The winners are blockchain analysis firms Chainalysis and Integra FEC.

The IRS originally announced its search for a privacy-infringing analytics solution earlier this month. A IRS spokesman told Cointelegraph that the agency had picked two winning companies from among the 22 bids received, although the spokesperson’s only reason for the agency’s decision was “benchmarking.”

Chainalysis is a leading crypto analysis firm and regularly enters into such contracts with a number of government agencies. Integra FEC is a relatively unknown name, although there are millions of dollars in contracts with, for example, the Securities and Exchange Commission for “other scientific and technical advisory services”

Integra FEC did not respond to Cointelegraph’s request for comment at time of publication. Chainalysis declined to comment, as usual when asked about the privacy policy.

As governments become more interested in tracking cryptocurrencies, the number of companies that track cryptocurrencies is likely to expand. In mid-September, the US Treasury made a huge mistake in sanctioning the Monero wallet, which has proven to be a payment identification tool.

Source: CoinTelegraph