In a public statement Thursday, Chairman Heath Tarbert announced that he will leave the Commodity Futures Trading Commission early next year.

“We encourage responsible fintech innovation and have declared ether a commodity,” Tarbert added to the metrics list during his tenure.

This is in line with Tarbert’s broader interest in the cryptocurrency markets and past data confirming that Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) will not be regulated as securities.

Tarbert, who joined CFTC in 2019, has been a celebrity voice for strong federal cryptocurrency regulations. Join a long list of appointed regulators leaving their posts to make room for a new administration. Fellow Tarbert, Commissioner Brian Quintins, is also ready to leave soon.

There is currently no word on President-elect Joe Biden’s preference for leadership on the CFTC or the related Securities and Exchange Commission, although he made Tarbert’s predecessor, Gary Gensler, the captain of his financial team.

Source: CoinTelegraph