CertiK, a software security company operating in the blockchain sector, has announced the launch of a flagship network for its own CertiK Chain.

The new blockchain places great emphasis on security, and transforms the previous static process of smart contract analysis into a real-time protection system.

CertiK CEO Rongwei Gu said: “Gone are the days of relying on offline security analysis, consistent security audit reports and unnecessary waste of time and money.” He added that CertiK Chain “sets a new industry standard in blockchain security protocols.”

Blockchain has a dedicated programming language, DeepSEA, designed to perform formal validation – the mathematical proof that a code does what it is supposed to – in a largely automated process.

Blockchain also focuses on interoperability through the Security Oracles concept, which enables real-time analysis of smart contracts on other blockchains. The company says that this feature can be used through smart contracts at other blockchains to assess the safety of its peers. If Oracle considers the smart target contract to be insecure, developers can choose to interact with it quickly.

Oracle will work through a system of customers and operators. End users or developers who want to understand the security level of a particular contract will place an order funded by blockchain CTK tokens. The operators behind the oracle will perform the analysis and publish the results to the chain.

Finally, the company will also provide an insurance mechanism to cover any burglary damage called CertiKShield.

The Mainnet launch will take place after the test network is released in March 2020. Earlier in February, the project released a demo version of DeepSEA. CertiK is one of the most active security auditors in the industry, and has recently been selected as an audit partner for Binance Smart Chain and projects based on this platform.

Source: CoinTelegraph